Captured memories to hold on to become all we have, When whom we love leaves Our side

& that, that is why I am here, doing exactly this

This, this is my why

My little tribe right here, they're my everything. Avalee, Jhaiden, Jaxon, and my hubs.

I started this business 14 years ago, as a single mother. Stressed out and absolutely exhausted from working two full-time jobs to take care of my daughter.

I knew, with my creative side, love for photography, and a need to be home more, that this would be a perfect fit. It took some time to go full-time. Not being able to afford college, or have the free time, paired with not many offering assistance and mentoring. That this was going to be all on me to make or break with this business.

Now 14 years later, I am not only full-time and teaching other photographers. But I am home, 5-7 days out of the week. To homeschool, to snuggle, to raise my children. Because that's all I ever wanted. And those other 1-2 days out of the week, I'm loving on and pouring into you, your love stories, your lives. Capturing moments that fly by so fast.

You've all become family now. I've captured seniors, their proposals, weddings, and now their growing families. I've watched mothers become grandmothers, friends fall in love, and aspiring models make it on billboards in times square.

I am absolutely in the right place & I'm so happy you've decided to join me.

RV Life

August of 2022, we sold the 'American Dream' and moved into our RV full-time. We pulled the kiddos out of public school, my husbands job went mobile, and I went from only serving Michigan, to our entire country. Ugh, what a dream, right!? There have been struggles, but man it's been worth it. Since we've began, we've taken our home through nearly 20 states and counting. From Texas to Maine, riding the coast to find all of our favorite beaches, seafood, boardwalks, and historical landmarks. With this new life, means I can go anywhere. And with my enhanced license, I can also serve Canada and Mexico. I am so excited to hear where you'll take me next, the mountains, the ocean, or your backyard. I'll be there, with my house of course.

What's in my bag

A popular question now, which I absolutely love. What's in my bag?

Two Canon 5D IV's - dual slot and full frame

(it means it's professional and saves two copies of every image for backup)

Canon 16-35mm lens - a wide angle must-have in my bag

(it honestly rarely leaves my camera, I adore that wide angle)

Sigma Art 50mm - my trusted portrait lens

(I've had her for years and she's so dreamy)

My 1972 Vintage Polaroid's

(for those instant keepsake prints)

On camera lighting via flash and constant light

Off camera lighting for dark rooms and receptions

Extra batteries & SD cards - always charged and ready to go

Sewing kit, lighters, bobby pins, chargers, and more

I also have posing stools, fabrics, and a backdrop stand available

Other then that, I pack fairly light, you have to when you live in an RV

I trust every ounce of what's in my bag

Ellis & Indigo, the meaning behind the name

My papa, Ellis, the kindest & most hilarious soul, had incredible stories for days. He always knew how to keep a smile on my face. Some of my favorite memories with him were at the beach. Whether Michigan's gorgeous lakes or the southern ocean shores, we soaked in that golden sun & those indigo waves. There are endless shores where you are now papa.

Forever in my heart, my first loves, Ellis & Indigo

Tall Grasses

a poem for ellis

Lost in the tall grasses with you

Hand in hand, one foot, two

We make our way to where sand meets blue

Calm waves, smooth stones, no shoes

At this age, I'm anywhere you go too

The air is crisp, these memories lasting

The laughs, jokes, and fishing poles casting

As the sun sets, the water calls you in

Tiptoed, hand in yours, that cold rush on my skin

I'm unsure when I'll feel this way again

I loose your silhouette once blue hour sets in

I pick up remnants of a perfect day

My mind, these memories, will forever replay

I head back thru the tall grasses as the sky turns gray

I leave, what I have left of you, on the porch in disarray

I miss you papa, with every breathe, every tear, every breakthrough

You're somewhere out there, past the tall grasses, enjoying the view